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East West Machinery & Drilling is "Meeting Drillers Needs", established in 1987. We offer for sale top quality (new, re-manufactured, and used) drill rigs, tooling, air boosters & compressors, mud pumps, heavy & light equipment, salvage, parts, for sale & Services to global contractors working in all forms of drilling applications & construction machinery. NGWA members #: 3163777.

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Featured Products...

  • Item No 16362
  • 1999 CME 850 Drill Rig
  • Model: 850 Drill Rig
  • Year: 1999
  • Price:

  • Item No 16361
  • 1978 Schramm T64HB Drill Rig
  • Model: T64HB Drill Rig Long Tower
  • Year: 1978
  • Price:

  • Item No 16308
  • 2007 Atlas Copco RD20 III Drill Rig
  • Model: RD20 III Drill Rig
  • Year: 2007
  • Price:

Latest Products...

  • Item No 16403
  • 76' Specialty Bailer for Cable Tool
  • Model:
  • Price:

  • Item No 16402
  • 6" x 47" Chisel Bit for Cable Tool
  • Model:
  • Price:

  • Item No 16401
  • 10" x 55" Chisel Bit for Cable Tool
  • Model:
  • Price:

Professional Service Facility & Yard

  • Full Service Facility with 14 work bays with experienced technicians & machinist
  • Professional painters prep, wash, and custom paint in the wash & paint booths
  • Large Yard of drills, machinery, and equipment & Warehouse with inventory stocked
  • Contact Service Department

Searchable Online Catalog

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Parts & Tooling Department

  • To Purchase Parts, Filters, and Components please contact the Parts & Tooling Department by email or phone.
  • Inform us of the part numbers and quantities you want to purchase, we carry many Genuine, OEM, Aftermarket, Used Parts & Tooling from many major manufactures that we represent as a dealer.
  • Custom drill tooling available by pre-order with deposit required to manufacture in house
  • Parts Inquiry