Gardner-Denver 1000 Drill Rig

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Gardner Denver
Model Year
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1000 Drill Rig & Package

  • Gardner-Denver 1000 Drill Rig
  • 14W Drawworks
  • 7-1/2" Rotary Table
  • Rated for drilling to 1000' ft
  • Dis-assembled for rebuild
  • Deck steel replaced in preparation for rebuild
  • Comes with all components necessary to rebuild back to original specs:
  • 2-stage mast cylinder
  • 3- large 8-1/2' outriggers
  • Piston style WX 1004 compressor (stored inside building)
  • Gardner-Denver FXG 5x6 mud pump (stored inside building)
  • 24 ft 3-3/8" fluted kelly bar
  • Little Giant Swivel
  • Mayhew block for 1000 rig 12" single sheave
  • 292 ft of 3-1/2" flush drill pipe
  • 16 ft skid for set up for Gardner Denver 5x8 mud pump, Detroit 353 Diesel
  • Engine with Rockford clutch (1600 hours), with 150 gallon fuel tank
  • GMC 6-71 Power Unit with Rockford clutch, Rotary table slips, Blue Demon
  • Drag Bit 5, spools of cables, assorted bit breakers, 2" relief valve, pipe clamps and pick up heads, compression coupling and 4" valve, steel mud tank
  • 2-3/8" IF to 3-1/2" Reg pipe to bit tubs, pipe spider rings, Rotary Table
  • Drill Up slips, shop built collars, T-Pipe for starter, cross over sub adapters, Tool holder for pipe in table, Petol chain wrenches, regular chain wrenches, Set of banded v-belts for mud pump skid, 2 rods for GD gear end, bull gear and eccentric, 2 pairs of sleeves for GD 5x8, valves caps for GD 5x6, cylinder head for GD 5x6, safe guard and Dodge gear boxes for mud pumps, pinion gear for GD 5x8 duplex 90%, new electric motors 1/2 HP - 3/4 HP - 1 HP stub shaft, power tower for Keystone Gardner Denver, miscellaneous bits
  • 1973 Ford 8000 truck
  • Caterpillar 3116 diesel engine
  • 10-speedRoadranger transmission
  • Located in Northern Region, USA