1990 Diamont Boart Craelius - Terramec A-50 - SOLD

Item No
Diamont Boart Craelius - Terramec
Model Year
Model No
A-50 - SOLD

  • SOLD
  • S/N: A50CB MT/2837
  • Crawler Mounted Core Drill
  • 4 Cylinder Duetz BL4 Diesel engine
  • 17,500 lbs Pullback
  • Rotary head can move off center for wireline
  • 2 Speed Motors (350 RPM with High Torque and 1100 RPM with Low Torque)
  • Has service winch and wireline winch
  • (1) Main hoisting winch
  • (1) core sampling wire line winch
  • All  position mast with slide dump feature (main boom swings left & right)
  • Foam injection pump (hydraulic driven)
  • 2 heat exchangers (water & oil cooled)
  • No Water Pump - (Bean 20 GPM Water Injection Pump will Cost Extra: $7,500 USD if installed)
  • Misc. Notes:

    • There is not a spindle adapter to connect to core pipe.
    • Core samples can be retrieved through the drill head spindle without disconnecting from the core pipe as its hollow.
    • In addition the rotary head can slide to the side to gain a open path from the winches to the drill rod or casing to sample or set casing etc.
    • This drill can core, rotary drill, use a DHD, and function as a HSA (Hollow stem auger). The Rotary head is a 2 speed unit, 2 separate hydraulic motors.
    • There is a hydraulic foot clamp which is comprised of two sets of hydraulic powered jaws that lock onto the pipe and has a third hydraulic cylinder which will twist the jaws to make up or beak joints as well as hold them out of the hole. (No addition hand wrenches are needed).
    • Dimensions & Weight: 19' X 7.6" X 9.3" and 20,000 lbs weight.
  • FOB:  Mid-West, USA